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Saint Joseph’s Ranch (SJR) is the story of a small family run olive ranch, producing California Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) from century old Mission and Manzanillo olives. SJR was founded in 2004 and is nestled amongst native oak and century old olive groves on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Butte County, Bangor California. Butte County California is famous for its ability to produce exceptional “Late Harvest” olive oil, found nowhere else in the world. SJR uses natural and sustainable farming methods and a small batch-crafted process to ensure that our EVOO has a rich, delicate, buttery flavor. All of our olives are processed within a 24 hour period, guaranteeing that our cold pressed, unfiltered certified EVOO is of the freshest and highest quality.

This farm, the land and its fruit are dear to us; it is our life, our love and our mission. The family that is SJR is dedicated to producing the highest quality EVOO possible, knowing that the love and passion we put into it always comes through in the taste.

Our family starts with Brendan and Tomoko. Brendan met Tomoko whilst he was studying Agriculture at Chico State in California. After earning his degree and spending a year in Tomoko’s native homeland Okinawa, Japan, they moved to Butte County. Brendan and Tomoko have 6 kids: Juliann – age 20, Frank – age 17, Nicholas – age 15, Elizabeth – age 13, Monica – age 10 and Joseph – age 8. All of our children have an important role to play in the growing, nurturing and harvesting of our olives. Our olives are handpicked, sorted and washed to insure the highest quality olives only make it to the press. At night our olives are serenaded by the sweet sounds of our children who all play the piano, fiddle, mandolin and guitar. We believe that a happy olive makes the best tasting olive oil. Angel is our Great Pyrenees / Akbash sheep dog, she protects our chickens, cows and sheep who help us with our all natural fertilization and mowing. Daisy, Raspberry and Butter Cup are our family cows who love to range through our olive groves.

We believe that the passion and love that we put into every bottle of SJR Olive Oil will make you proud to serve it to your family and friends.

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Saint Josephs Ranch

56 Turtle Ranch Rd | Bangor | CA 95914
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Saint Josephs Ranch
56 Turtle Ranch Rd,
Bangor, CA 95914
56 Turtle Ranch Rd, Bangor, CA 95914

Tel: 530-679-0261

Saint Josephs Ranch

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